children sitting at computers with an older man behind pointing at the screen.

Bett UK Recap: Unmasking Accessibility with TAO’s Head of Product

Last week, OAT attended the BETT UK conference, an annual event that consistently fosters insightful discussions in the EdTech field. This year was no exception. The ongoing challenge of digitizing education, further accelerated by the pandemic, has made digital assessment an increasingly integral part of both formative and summative contexts. Blending these two scenarios is […]

Receiving the EdTech Digest finalist Awards for best assessment tool and best global leader

OAT Awarded for Best Assessment Tool and Global Leadership

The long-awaited results of the 2023 EdTech Digest Awards are finally in! We’re delighted that Open Assessment Technologies (OAT) has been awarded in the ‘Cool Tool – Best Assessment Tool’ and ‘Global Leadership’ categories, recognizing our open source manual scoring solution, TAO Grader, and OAT’s Co-founder and CEO, Mark Oswald, as disruptors in the EdTech […]

Young schoolgirl in a classroom sitting at a computer and typing on a keyboard participating in an assessment to measure learning loss.

How are Districts Using Digital Assessment to Address Learning Loss?

Schools worldwide have been grappling with the issue of learning loss in a post-pandemic world. Students in many areas have fallen a year or more behind in their schooling, while all students in all demographic areas experienced some loss, students living in poverty were impacted the most. Battling these losses while also maintaining a learning […]

birds eye view of a tablet and pens with tiles spelling out Chat GPT.

Could Generative AI Tools Impact Cheating on Tests?

ChatGPT is the newest buzzword in the education world (maybe the whole world), and with the introduction of this new tool, a fear of students cheating has been on many educators’ minds. Like any new tool, ChatGPT can be used to help or hinder student learning, depending on how it is used. The big fear […]

side view of young girl working at a computer using a technology based assessment system for secure K-12 testing.

3 Ways K-12 Schools Can Improve Test Security & Data Privacy

For any platform where user data is collected and stored, security and data privacy are critical. This is even more true in education-based platforms and technology-based assessments because the data being stored relates to minor’s personal information. However, with technology playing a central role in education today, it’s not always easy for educators and schools […]

Young girl with glasses typing on a laptop with a blurred student in the background.

Objective & Subjective Assessment: What’s the Difference?

Developing effective online assessments is highly nuanced, requiring a large amount of thought and preparation. For educators, creating effective assessments means understanding which approaches to testing are most suitable in differing learning scenarios or for different curriculum units. Objective and subjective assessment are two styles of testing that utilize different question types to gauge student […]

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