areal view of tablet and notebook with Chat GPT spelled out in tiled letters.

How Could Generative AI Tools Impact Cheating on Tests?

ChatGPT is the newest buzzword in the education world (maybe the whole world), and with the introduction of this new tool, a fear of students cheating has been on many educators’ minds. Like any new tool, ChatGPT can be used to help or hinder student learning, depending on how it is used. The big fear […]

Excited child interacting with a tablet.

How to Make AI a Genuine Asset in Education

Artificial intelligence can get a bad rap.  As automation, AI, and machine learning take over tasks traditionally done by people, we worry about becoming replaceable. We worry about our future job security, our place in the world, and the loss of that all-important human touch. And those are just the intellectual concerns. Many movies and […]

Illustration of computer screen with bug and magnifying glass to show how open source exam software is secured.

How Is Open Source Exam Software Secured?

If you’re unfamiliar with open source software, a simple definition states that it’s “software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.” Expert software engineers, developers, and really anyone interested in software development and design can access open-source code, make contributions, and share it. So when it comes to security, this level of […]

woman using computer in computer lab showing the use of higher education assessment tools in the classroom

Key Points from ATP’s Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment

Schools and education districts worldwide have become increasingly digitized with many online schooling options and digital learning platforms available to students and teachers. With these new and innovative learning options comes a need to ensure that technology-based assessment practices are fair and effective in measuring student growth and achievement. However, best practices for pencil and […]

young students sitting crosslegged holding tablets in their laps.

A New Year of Assessment: 4 Digital Trends to Watch in 2023

The top 2023 assessment trends center around technology and increase student autonomy and freedom within their learning experience. For educators, understanding these trends and how they can benefit or present challenges to students is an important piece of effectively utilizing these trends.  Of course, not all 2023 student evaluation trends are beneficial, useful, or even […]

students using devices following open education standards

5 Open Standards That Simplify End-to-End Assessment

A driver for innovation, open standards play an important role in promoting better access to educational technology. They are the underpinning of an interoperable, plug-and-play EdTech ecosystem. When used as a building block in digital learning environments, open education standards allow institutions to centralize user access to technology, unlock data silos and share learning content […]

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