4 Ways to Ensure Academic Freedom in Remote Learning

The term “academic freedom” has been around for over a century. It refers to teachers’ and students’ freedom to teach, study, and pursue knowledge and research without unreasonable interference or restriction from law, institutional regulations, or public pressure. Educators, faculty, and institutional leaders have historically worked to maintain academic freedom, but recent spikes in online […]

How Lithuania’s National Agency for Education is Sparking a Digital Transformation Using TAO

The post below is an excerpt taken from the first case study in our series with the National Agency for Education in Lithuania, detailing their transition from paper-based national assessment to a computer-based testing solution. Read on to learn more about their transformation, and download the full case study for free! Today, its more evident than […]

How to Build Streamlined Language Assessments

Language proficiency exams are critical for many ESL (English as a Second Language) students in the US, often serving as a requirement for a high school diploma. It’s the school’s responsibility to set up these students for success — which often means creating syllabi and practice exams, providing tutors, and offering other support programs. Another […]

Quizzes vs. Assessments: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between an online quiz and an assessment? While the terms quiz or test are often used interchangeably with assessment, there is in fact a significant distinction between their meanings. For instance, quizzes or tests are products used to examine someone’s knowledge of a subject to determine what that person knows or has […]

5 Ways to Promote Student Engagement in Hybrid Learning

Even before the coronavirus flipped the education system, many K-12 students participated in some form of hybrid or blended learning, even if they weren’t fully aware. Hybrid learning models use a mix of digital and non-digital learning tools in tandem. Before the pandemic, students likely used tablets or computers in class to complete activities or […]

How To Create Personalized Assessments for Post-Pandemic Learning

Digital tools have had a place in education for over a decade. However, COVID-19 sparked rapid growth, adoption, and reliance on these tech-enabled learning tools in and out of the classroom, with varying degrees of success across student and teacher populations. The abrupt transition to distanced learning last March left many teachers unprepared and untrained […]

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