How can Technology Help Develop Students’ Social-Emotional Learning Skills?

Schools today are tasked with more than developing content knowledge, they are also asked to help students to develop social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. This includes helping students to create a positive self-image, build meta-cognitive skills, enhance peer-to-peer communication, and feel and show empathy. In short, these skills may never show up on a standardized test, […]

What is Digital Literacy and How Can it be Assessed?

When we think of literacy, we generally tend to connect the dots to reading and writing. But to succeed in today’s digitally driven world, modern learners need to develop skills that encompass more than literacy in the traditional sense. When technology comes into play, the broader term digital literacy emerges and requires educators to go […]

Four Ways Exam Grading Software Simplifies Assessment Management for Educators

Online learning has changed the way that teachers develop and grade assessments. Teachers no longer need to sit down with a stack of papers and a red pen and manually mark incorrect answers one at a time. Exam grading software enables educators to grade assignments quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, while also […]

The Importance of Inclusivity for Online Learning and Assessment Tools

For many learners around the world, remote learning has leveled the playing field by providing access to high-quality curricula regardless of location. However, access is not enough. With over 240 million children with disabilities worldwide, educators must be also able to differentiate and accommodate assessments to meet the needs of all learners in a remote […]

4 Ways to Advocate For Classroom Education Software

By now, educators and students alike are well aware of the promises of classroom technology to promote better teaching and learning outcomes. Educators are harnessing the power of gamification and tools like digital assessment software to provide more authentic and personalized learning experiences, particularly in terms of formative and adaptive assessment. At the same time, […]

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