young students sitting crosslegged holding tablets in their laps.

A New Year of Assessment: 4 Digital Trends to Watch in 2023

The top 2023 assessment trends center around technology and increase student autonomy and freedom within their learning experience. For educators, understanding these trends and how they can benefit or present challenges to students is an important piece of effectively utilizing these trends.  Of course, not all 2023 student evaluation trends are beneficial, useful, or even […]

3 students sitting at laptops at a desk

Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Online Assessment

Developing high-quality online assessments that both challenge students appropriately and are aligned with standards is top of mind for educators. By using traditional thinking and questioning techniques, such as those in the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy, educators can build assessments that meet students at their level and provide large sets of valuable data for teachers […]

Young schoolboy using a digital tablet to interact with a gamified assessmentduring a class in the classroom.

Using Gamification in Assessment to Engage K-12 Students

Many students play video games for fun in their free time. Gaming, while not traditionally considered beneficial to education, is actually a very effective way for students and young people to learn. When you break down gaming it is clear why this is the case, gamers need to repeatedly work towards completing a task. They […]

Young happy woman attending computer class at the university and looking at camera.

Breaking from Convention: 3 Types of Alternative Assessments Explained

Technology and digital learning have revolutionized how teachers can assess and teach students. While traditional methods of assessment typically have relied on rote memorization and answering multiple choice or true/false questions, newer, alternative assessments provide another option for educators.  Alternative assessments put the focus on 21st-century skills development and ask students to solve complex problems, […]

Schoolgirl using laptop during computer class to take an assessment at elementary school.

Approaching Next Generation Science Standards in Teaching & Assessment

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have changed the way that educational institutions approach teaching science. The standards, adopted by 18 states, have also impacted the way that educators today need to assess learning in science. Even states that have not adopted the NGSS formally are moving towards learning standards or assessments that are similar […]

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