TAO Gives You Freedom & Control

For organizations who want to own their assessment experience – from content to technology to delivery and reporting.

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The Next Generation Open Source Assessment Solution

Say goodbye to technical complexity and yet another IT project. Say hello to an all-in-one assessment solution. Easily tap into the power of open source, single sign-on and LTI. Open source means open possibilities so you can benefit from the ideas of the expert assessment community.

  • Item creation and test taker features
  • Custom styling & workflows
  • Offline testing capabilities
  • Custom integrations with external systems
  • Technical consulting
  • Training and program management

Product Overview

Ideal for
Hosting Requirements
Service & Support


Ideal for

Organizations who want an "on-prem" assessment platform that their IT team can download and install for a complete in-sourced solution.

Hosting Requirements

Have your IT department download and install TAO or work with a 3rd party provider of your choice.

Service & Support

Online manuals and the support of the TAO user community.


Free to use on your own. Do-it-yourself installation and customization.


Ideal for

Organizations who want the simplicity of the TAO platform as a fully managed SaaS solution plus a set of OAT value-added extensions. Simply add content and deliver your tests.​​​​​​​

Hosting Requirements

Hosted on the TAO Cloud™ offering high availability and security out of the box.​​​​

Service & Support

Dedicated online help desk and access to Level 3 support.


Tiered annual subscription based on the number of users and tests delivered.


Ideal for

Organizations who need a fully managed SaaS solution plus a set of OAT value-added extensions or client specific enhancements such as unique content types, API's or reporting.​​​​​​​

Hosting Requirements

Hosted on the TAO Private Cloud™ and configured to your company's exact requirements.

Service & Support

Three support levels that match the scale and demand of your solution. They are offered as annual subscriptions and include the Open Source Assurance.


Custom pricing based on the specific requirements of the solution.

Building Better Assessments

TAO’s powerful, modular feature stack lets you choose the exact tools and functions you need to launch a successful digital assessment program for your organization.

  • Item Creation, supporting traditional and Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)
  • Item Banking and Test Creation
  • Test-Taker, Group, and Delivery Management
  • Access Control and Auditing
  • Online Delivery and On-site Proctoring
  • Results Reporting

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