4 Tips for Creating Exam Questions

students working on computers in computer lab

Creating exam questions that give students an opportunity for success while, at the same time, quickly assessing what a student knows, is challenging. There are many factors that educators must consider when designing any assessment and, in particular, a traditional style exam. It is important to consider your exam questions from many angles, including how […]

6 Strategies for Assessing English Language Learners

Featured image of boy using computer and headphones for assessing ELL

Assessment plays a monumental role in any classroom. Educators use a variety of assessment types all to understand what students have learned or still need to learn within their curriculum. However, when assessing English Language Learners, or ELLs, it can be difficult to determine if a student’s misconceptions are due to language ability or difficulty […]

3 Tips for Using Assessment Tools to Capture Student Learning Data

featured mage of students in computer lab taking an assessment

Measuring and tracking student data is essential to ensuring that students are learning and progressing in the classroom. Yet, collecting and managing this data to improve teaching and learning can be a challenge, especially as educators may collect a large number of data points in any given school year. By utilizing technology-based assessment tools, they […]

Aligning Digital Assessment Questions to Common Core Learning Standards

featured image of students in classroom using laptop to take common core assessments

As the primary guidelines for what students need to be able to demonstrate and understand, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) play a critical role in planning and implementing lessons. A key component of this is, of course, designing common core assessments that align with the standards, including digital assessments.  Creating digital common core assessment […]

Why are Schools Shifting The Focus from Summative Assessment?

Featured image of students taking assessments in school

Assessing student achievement and abilities is an important part of determining whether instruction is effective or not. Over the last few years, schools and educators have been moving away from traditional high-stakes summative assessments and towards other forms of assessment to determine a student’s skill level.  This shift, initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed […]

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