Navigating eAssessment Cybersecurity Threats as a Teacher

smiling teacher using eLearning technology

Students and teachers alike need to be confident in the reliance and integrity of their education. So how can teachers navigate the rising security threats with the introduction and proliferation of eAssessments and remote learning?  The snap decision made by education bodies worldwide to shift to online learning has exaggerated preexisting security concerns and brought […]

Addressing Privacy Concerns in Remote Proctoring

Addressing privacy concerns with remote proctoring software

Remote proctoring has become an invaluable tool for mitigating the risks of cheating as more students study and take exams remotely. The ability to maintain exam integrity whilst ensuring students can still participate if unable to attend an exam center makes remote proctoring software powerful and effective. However, it is not without its critics, and […]

3 Challenges in Higher Education & How to Solve Them

higher education students using technology

Higher education has faced a wide array of challenges, even more so on the tail of COVID-19, where institutions across the board have seen enrollment rates drastically decline. As K-12 schools have reopened and shifted the way they conduct classes, colleges and universities must also adapt to the new normal left in the wake of […]

Tips for Managing Online Exams in the Blended Classroom

student using online exam software

Exam management is a key skill for any educator, whether you teach in a school, university, or professional environment. While the COVID-19 pandemic threw decades of conventional practice in assessment out the window, and forced educators to accelerate their digital strategies, on the whole, the industry has made great strides in responding to a situation […]

3 Ways Online Assessment Software Supports Faster Student Feedback

girl using computer to see online assessment results

Assessments are a vital part of any education process, as they allow learners to put what they know to the test, and allow educators to identify any knowledge gaps that need to be bridged. They are at their most effective when results are available quickly or, even better, straight away. Online assessment software offers this […]

5 Formative Assessment Strategies for Engagement in Online Learning

5 Formative Assessment Strategies for Engagement in Online Learning

Over the last year, many educators have shifted their testing strategies to incorporate more formative assessments as a way to gain better insight into their learning and make teaching more effective. Particularly, in the aftermath of the pandemic, online formative assessments have been a main tool for educators to engage students, measure their progress and […]

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