Partnership Spotlight: Texthelp


As the leading open-source platform provider for K12, Higher Education and Professional development, Open Assessment Technologies (OAT) is committed to providing tools that make assessment accessible to all learners, regardless of their stage or ability level. Since 2015, TAO has partnered with Texthelp to support students with reading support needs, such as text to speech […]

Removing Barriers in Digital Assessment for Test Takers

barriers in digital assessment

Assessment is a technology. We have a long history of asking a sample of questions within a subject which allow us to draw inferences about the test taker. Over time, test makers have learned that there are some things that we need to be concerned about, including biases, reliability, validity, and accessibility. Only by addressing […]

How to Reduce Cheating Risks in Online Testing

prevent cheating on online tests

Digital education continues to gain momentum in modern schools. As more aspects of learning shift online, one thing remains the same: the need for fair, closed-book assessments. However, unable to stroll around the classroom to monitor exams, instructors are concerned about the risks involved in digital assessments, particularly when it comes to cheating. Fairness and security […]

3 Features of a Modern Remote Online Proctoring Platform

Remote online proctoring allows students to partake in various forms of assessments in a remote location. Typically, as the student takes the test, he or she is monitored by tech tools or a human proctor to maintain the integrity of the exam, verifying student identity, protecting assessment content and preventing plagiarism. Remote proctoring services, such […]

Building an Accreditation System with Trackable Testing Results

The digital age presents invaluable tools for professionals. With many professional accreditation programs largely taking place online, the modern workforce is taking advantage of accessible growth opportunities. Upon completion of such an online course or certification, digital credentials serve as presentable, verifiable achievements that can easily transfer over various platforms and technologies. With advancements in analytics […]

[Infographic] Building Engaging Online Assessments with Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)

technology enhanced items

Today’s modern digital assessments are not only unifying testing, instruction, and learning into a single experience but are also becoming increasingly personalized. Some of the key tools driving this are Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) and Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs). These are complex assessment items that measure 21st century skills like critical thinking, problem solving and […]

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