Tips for Building Assessment Items Using Student Engagement Concepts

students engaging with assessment items

Research has shown that student engagement is directly related to performance in the classroom, both in terms of a student’s overall learning as well as in the level of accomplishment on assessment tasks. But how exactly can a learning environment be structured to promote engagement? Many learning environments are designed to incorporate online assessment, including […]

5 Reasons Why Micro-credentials Matter

woman in micro-credentialing program

The education landscape is changing and gone are the days where higher education was only for traditional degree setups. We know the pandemic rewrote the classic learning scenario, giving rise to the importance of micro-credentials. Higher educational settings are one of the primary providers of micro-credentials. They deliver credit-bearing micro-credentials (for which a learner attains […]

How Universities are Using EdTech to Improve Enrollment Rates

Seminar at university

Over the last year, universities and colleges across the board have seen a stark decline in enrollment. A  recent report from Inside Higher Ed shows that enrollment declined by 4.5%, for undergraduate programs, and fell by 2.9% across all institution types in the spring of 2021, despite a slight uptick for graduate programs. In facing […]

How Digital Assessment Standards Give You Control Over Testing Data

As educators look to turn the chaos of 2020 into a sustainable strategy, it’s clear instructors and learners alike will continue to rely on digital tools. A robust, virtual toolkit emerged in the pandemic; despite classroom upheaval, many instructors found value in learning technologies and want to continue implementing them in remote or hybrid learning […]

Using Portable Custom Interactions to Measure 21st Century Skills

students using portable custom interactions

Teaching mathematics and science requires much more than simply imparting core knowledge and ideas. Students must immerse themselves in practices that allow them to develop cross-curricular skills such as calculating, modeling, problem-solving, and reasoning if they are to succeed in a world that increasingly utilizes science and technology. In the past, it’s been difficult to […]

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