The Process of Developing QTI 3 in the IMS QTI Working Group

We’re excited to congratulate Thomas Hoffmann, Director of Product Strategy & Solutions at Open Assessment Technologies on his recognition as a recipient of the IMS Technical Leadership Awards for his work in helping to develop the QTI 3 standard. This award is given to recognize leaders who participate in the IMS Global Learning Consortium “Working […]

How K12 Classrooms are Embracing AI in Educational Assessment

AI in educational assessment

With the need for distance learning quickly becoming a necessity, the K12 adoption of technology has evolved. In particular, the way schools assess students has taken a major leap when it comes to innovation, leaning toward technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). In the meantime, the educators’ perspective on testing has remained consistent: assessments […]

Two Ways that Open Standards Improve Your School’s Security

improving school safety and security

Technology is an integral part of the 21st century classroom; particularly in 2020, digital assessments, remote learning and other tech-enabled aspects of instruction are becoming the new normal in education. While these advancements have enabled more personalized, flexible instruction, the widespread adoption of technology in the classroom is not without risks. Keeping student data safe and […]

How Cognia is Responding to US K12 Testing Disruptions in the Wake of COVID-19

This post is an excerpt from our recent case study with Cognia™ on their response to the disruptions in US K12 assessment caused by COVID-19. Download the full study and keep reading here.  In 2020, as COVID-19 has upended traditional education across the world, many US K12 education leaders are finding themselves navigating uncharted territory […]

3 Ways Digital Assessment Software Simplifies Exam Management

digital assessment software

Controlling access and managing paper-based assessment can quickly become unwieldy, especially in large-scale assessment. Think of a state department of education, for example. A state may be delivering anywhere between thousands to hundreds of thousands of exams, across varying schools, grade levels and regions. With paper-based assessment, exam management at this scale becomes a time […]

How Universities Can Better Support Digital Learning

digital learning

As COVID-19 continues, many colleges and universities are returning to distance learning. It’s no wonder: students are contracting the virus at alarming rates as the institutions’ safety systems continue to get overwhelmed. To support higher education organizations in transitioning  to an effective digital learning environment, we’ve put together strategies that highlight the priorities that education […]

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