5 Challenges in the Healthcare Credentialing System

medical credentialing process

There are many potential issues– and potential consequences — in the medical credentialing process. In fact, provider credentialing is one of the most important compliance issues in a medical practice. Without process oversight and data insight, omissions or errors that occur in the medical credentialing process can be detrimental to your organization. Mistakes happen in […]

Using IMS Global Standards to Connect Assessment to Learning

IMS Global Standards

EdTech has had a phenomenal impact on modern education. As more systems and applications continue to enter the space, ensuring interoperability of these technologies has become a vital aspect of operations. Interoperability enables institutions to invest in scalable tech that improves educational participation and boosts learning outcomes at a low cost. To learn more about […]

Choosing an Assessment Authoring Solution

assessment authoring platform

Online assessments offer new opportunities to gain deeper insight into how test takers solve problems and help close the feedback loop between teaching and learning — both in the classroom and in professional settings. By incorporating features like multimedia, complex testing logic and custom items, you can author engaging assessments that go beyond multiple choice […]

Where is Assessment Technology Headed? Takeaways from Learn Launch Across Boundaries

Digital Assessment Technology

Just recently we had the chance to attend the LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference in Boston, where we sat in on thought-provoking sessions about innovation and the future of education. The atmosphere was buzzing with discussions on education and assessment technology, and the transformative changes happening as digitization takes hold in the industry. Throughout the conference, […]

Reimagining Your Testing Techniques with Digital Assessment Tools

online testing techniques

As assessments have evolved from traditional pencil-and-paper exams to complex, digital assessment formats, the possibilities for new assessment techniques have expanded tremendously. According to FutureEd’s 2019 report, “Online testing has spurred the creation of a new generation of technology-enabled performance tasks that ask students to draw, write, conduct lab experiments, and solve multi-step math problems, sometimes […]

How to Boost Your Digital Assessment Platform with Integrations

Integrations in digital technology

The era of the pencil and paper test is over: online assessment platforms have opened up the possibility for customized, insightful testing like never before. One of the main advantages of digital assessment platforms is the opportunity to add capabilities through integration with services, tools, and content functions. These integrations enhance the testing experience and provide benefits to […]

Operational Excellence

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