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The simplicity of TAO as a fully managed cloud solution plus a set of valuable extensions and services.

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Reduce the Complexity of Online Assessment Creation

Leverage the full TAO feature stack and benefit from a complete out-of-the-box digital testing solution to get your assessment programs up and running quickly and without complication. TAO Premium Edition makes it easy, fast and affordable to create and manage your exams online.

With TAO Premium, you can integrate assessment into your LMS or build out your digital ecosystem without the need for specialized technical know-how. There’s no download required. So, once you log in via your web browser you’ll have everything you need to start building great assessments.

  • Turn-key SaaS solution plus value-added extensions
  • TAO Cloud ™ Managed Services
  • Custom branding elements
  • Premium training & support

Add Your Content and Go

Leave development complications behind and take advantage of highly scalable, ready-made assessments in the Cloud.

TAO Premium Edition’s turn-key simplicity lets you hit the ground running and switch on your assessment programs with ease. Whether you’re delivering high-stakes assessments to hundreds of thousands of learners, or launching your first practice test. Just add your content and go. It’s never been easier!

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Get Started with TAO Premium

So many online exam management platforms claim to be “simple”. That’s not always the case. But with TAO, you can be confident that it’s never been easier to embrace digital assessment.

  • Request a quote to connect with one of our product experts
  • Determine pricing based on your volume of tests and test takers
  • Select optional add-on services you may need
  • Finalize account set up with our Premium support team
  • Login and get going in the TAO Cloud using a common web browser

Premium Features

Shared Cloud Hosting

Cut IT worries out of the picture. We work with reliable cloud providers so we can offer a trusted, flexible and secure shared TAO Cloud ™ environment to host your assessments.

Turn-Key Customization

Make your digital assessment platform uniquely yours. Choose your color scheme and add your logo to deliver branded assessments.

Industrial Scalability

Because it’s built on a NoSQL database, TAO Premium online test creation software allows you to scale test deliveries according to your needs – all while benefiting from transparent subscription pricing.

Value-Added Features

Offer greater accessibility to your test takers by using Premium features. Examples include TAO’s built-in Text-to-speech, other special technology enhanced items (TEIs) and PCIs.

Premium Level Support

Tap into expert support via our dedicated online helpdesk for Premium users. You can typically expect a response within 8 hours of your inquiry.

Technical Consultancy

Get advice from our team of experts in assessment technology so you can get the most out of your digital assessment platform.


Learn how harness TAO’s powerful platform features with onsite or online training. You can also add custom training to your subscription for a deeper training dive.

Open Source Assurance

Benefit from peace of mind with Open Source Assurance. This is included by standard in TAO Premium Edition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

Pricing for TAO Premium Edition is set as a tiered annual subscription. Your costs are based on the volume of test takers and assessments delivered.

You have the ability to update the look and feel of your TAO Premium environment by using built-in color schemes and your own logo. But, if you are looking for a custom environment, you may want to consider upgrading to TAO Enterprise Edition.

The TAO Premium Edition is available out-of-the-box and deployed via the shared TAO Cloud ™. So you don’t need to worry about hosting your technology.

However, if you need to adapt TAO further, we also offer consulting, implementation, customization, and advanced technical support services. These are available through direct OAT-client engagements, or indirectly via our network of Authorized Partners.

You can adjust the colors and branding elements of your platform environment with TAO Premium Edition. Additionally, if you have IT expertise in house, you can extend the platform’s source code with your own functionalities.

However, if you need dedicated help with custom features and integrations, we recommend TAO Enterprise Edition as a comprehensive solution.

TAO Premium Edition makes use of the TAO Cloud ™. So, all of your data is securely stored on the server side. This adds an extra layer of protection to reduce the risk of compromising critical information.

You can find out more about TAO’s functional security and encryption methods on our general FAQ page.

TAO Premium let’s you get started with ready-made assessments. So if you’re anxious to start launching your assessments right away, the platform offers an off-the-shelf solution.

All you need to do is log into the TAO Cloud so you can add your content. You’ll want to consider not only the tools you’ll need, but also anticipate the features you’ll want as you grow and evolve your assessment programs.

You can compare platform editions or request a demo to get a deeper platform dive at any time.

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