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Reduce cost and complexity in a single secure solution for getting started with digital assessment.

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Reduce the Complexity of Online Test Creation

Building better assessments online doesn’t have to be complicated. TAO Ignite provides a complete out-of-the-box digital assessment solution for an easy launch into online testing. The platform makes it intuitive, fast, and affordable to create and manage your exams online, even without an IT team in place. Simply login via your web browser; you’ll have everything you need to start creating great assessments.

  • Integrate assessment into your LMS or build out your digital ecosystem without the need for specialized technical know-how
  • Guarantee smooth deployments and reduce operational overhead thanks to reliable TAO Cloud™ hosting
  • Leverage added features like built-in Text-to-Speech only available with our paid platform subscriptions

TAO Ignite is broken into 5 package tiers based on volume and concurrency for tests, test-takers, and authors. Compare tiers to learn more.

Add Your Content and Go

Leave development complications behind and take advantage of a highly scalable, turn-key assessment solution in the TAO Cloud™.

TAO Ignite’s turn-key simplicity lets you switch on your assessment programs with ease so you can hit the ground running. Whether you’re delivering high-stakes assessments to tens of thousands of learners, or launching your first large-scale practice test. Just add your content and go. It’s never been easier!

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Getting Started with Large-Scale Online Assessment

Tap into the power of a ready-made solution. TAO Ignite may be the right online test creation and delivery solution for you if your testing program requires:

  • Annual delivery for anywhere up to 30,000 test deliveries
  • Multiple authors 
  • Hosting support via the TAO Cloud™
  • Help desk support and training with the TAO team

Ignite Assessment Platform Features

Flexible Package Tiers to Match your Deployment

TAO Ignite is broken into 5 package tiers based on volume and concurrency, offering you the most flexibility to find a solution that fits your needs.

Turn-Key Framework

Log into your TAO environment via a standard web browser and use the intuitive WYSIWYG editor to create any type of assessment.

Industrial Scalability

Thanks to a NoSQL database, TAO Ignite allows you to scale test deliveries according to your needs.

Value-Added Features

Offer greater accessibility to your test takers by using features like built-in Text-to-Speech, pre-configured Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) and Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs).

Open Source Assurance

Benefit from peace of mind with the guarantee of Open Source Assurance, which comes standard for all Ignite, Pro and Enterprise users.

Shared Cloud Hosting

Cut IT worries out of the picture. We work with reliable cloud providers so we can offer a trusted, flexible and secure shared TAO Cloud ™ environment to host your assessments.

Help Desk Support

Tap into expert support via our dedicated online help desk for Ignite users and get a response within the same day of your inquiry.

Technical Consultancy

Our team of experts in assessment technology  is here to help you get the most out of your digital assessment platform.


Learn how harness TAO’s powerful platform features with dedicated online training. You can also add custom training to your subscription for a deeper training dive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get more answers to frequently asked questions here.

Pricing for TAO Ignite is set for each of the 5 Ignite package tiers. Pricing is based on the the volume of test takers and assessments delivered, as well as test taker and test author concurrency.

You have the ability to update the look and feel of your TAO Ignite environment by using built-in color schemes and your own logo. However, if you are looking for a more customized in terms of integrations and configurations, you may want to consider upgrading to TAO Enterprise Edition.

The Ignite is available out-of-the-box and deployed via the shared TAO Cloud ™.

However, if you need to adapt TAO for a more custom deployment, we also offer consulting, implementation, customization, and advanced technical support services. These are available through direct OAT-client engagements, or indirectly via our network of Verified Partners.

You can adjust the colors and branding elements of your platform environment with TAO Ignite and enable additional extensions, like remote proctoring, via a number of APIs.

TAO Ignite makes use of the TAO Cloud ™. So, all of your data is securely stored on the server side. This adds an extra layer of protection to reduce the risk of compromising critical information.

You can find out more about TAO’s functional security and encryption methods on our general FAQ page.

TAO Ignite provides a turn-key, online test creation software solution in the cloud. So if you’re ready to start launching your assessment campaigns right away, the platform offers an off-the-shelf solution. Simply log into the TAO Cloud and add your content.

You can also compare platform editions or request a demo to get a deeper platform dive at any time.

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