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Example of the TAO Advance delivery software interface showing test questions on tablet and mobile

Sleek, Sophisticated Online Test Delivery

Today’s students are advanced technology users, but a lack of accessibility in educational software can significantly hinder their ability to participate in learning. TAO Advance is the most enhanced digital test-runner on the market, designed for best-in-class accessibility to ensure institutions can provide all learners with equitable online testing experiences.

By prioritizing flexibility, TAO Advance is able to securely and reliably scale to support hundreds of thousands of test-takers so that you can confidently deliver your assessments risk-free, every time.

  • TAO Advance integrates with TAO Enterprise for a future-proof, end-to-end online testing solution.
  • A clean and modern responsive interface eliminates distractions for test-takers while offering advanced accessibility tools.
  • Built on open standards, TAO Advance is completely interoperable and extendable for custom integrations and feature enhancements.

Setting the Global Standard for Equity

Designed for WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility from the ground up, TAO Advance offers the most user-friendly and modern online test-taking experience across a range of devices and browsers, without compromising the sophistication of your assessments.

Take a look at our accessibility conformance report to learn more.

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Deliver a Feature-Rich Digital Testing Experience

Engage your learners in authentic assessment by delivering technology enhanced test questions that measure 21st-century skills and provide rich learning feedback. TAO Advance is built on open standards, enabling you to seamlessly deliver and collect data from tests embedded with rich content items and custom interactions. TAO Advance empowers institutions around the world to:

  • Provide real-world, authentic context to assessment
  • Launch assessments from a single LMS
  • Use data to pinpoint opportunities for personalization, learning interventions, and curriculum and teaching improvements

The test-runner works as interoperable component with TAO’s Enterprise solutions for end-to-end assessment to give you complete control of your testing cycle, from item authoring and rostering, to delivery and reporting.

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Inside TAO Advance for Online Test Delivery

Flexible & Modular

TAO Advance integrates directly with TAO Enterprise for an updated digital assessment delivery experience, or as a flexible module into your existing digital assessment environment.

Cloud Native

Built on a highly scalable and reliable cloud framework, TAO Advance gives you the flexibility to confidently scale your platforms from the classroom to nationwide.

Fully WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant

Following WCAG 2.1 AA requirements and Section 508 guidelines, TAO Advance offers the most accessible and equitable testing experience for learners.


Multi-tenant software architecture lets you simplify user management and reduce your overall cost of technology ownership.

Mobile Responsive

Deliver tests to students on the devices they use most. TAO Advance is fully responsive across modern devices, including tablets and mobile.

Automatic Scoring

Reduce time spent on grading and and provide real-time feedback to students by leveraging automatic scoring for items that don’t require human intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get more answers to frequently asked questions here.

TAO Advance has a completely new look and feel, designed to put users at the center of the test-taking experience.

  • TAO Advance has been tested with users as young as 6 years old, and allows test-takers to focus on the task, not the test interface.
  • TAO Advance is natively WCAG 2.1 AA compliant and adopts a universal design approach: it has been designed for accessibility and inclusivity from the start.
  • TAO Advance is also touch device friendly and fully responsive to accommodate a variety of screen sizes and devices, including mobile.

TAO Advance is designed from the ground up to include not only accessibility but also to follow the best practice security standards. TAO conducts Pen-tests to identify any potential vulnerabilities and uses LTI 1.3 connections, which use OAuth 2.0 protocol and Open ID.

TAO Advance supports remote proctoring 3rd party integrations.

Available security options during testing include session control (flag, reopen or terminate sessions) as well as customizable options for lock-down deliveries.

Yes, the online test delivery platform supports all QTI interactions including custom PCIs.

Yes, TAO Advance online test delivery software supports multi-tenancy for users.

Scores and results from your TAO Advance deliveries are automatically generated and accessible via TAO Insights. Additionally, it is possible to return simple results back to your LMS (LTI Platform) via LTI.

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