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Make online manual scoring for open response assessment faster, more accurate and highly cost-effective.

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Digital Assessment Scoring Made Easy

Today’s institutions are stretched thin, and having to focus on administrative tasks like grading means educators have less time to dedicate where it really matters.

Reimagine the way you manually score and manage open response questions for your digital assessments. TAO Grader empowers users to multiply efficiencies at minimal cost. Our solution reduces the time spent grading test questions in TAO with the help of a sleek and accessible software interface that ensures educators have the automation tools they need.

Integrated for End-to-End Assessment

TAO Grader is available as an add on to complement TAO’s suite of components, offering a WCAG compliant, modern scoring solution that is intuitive, easy to use, and flexible to scale. Thanks to the software’s tight integration with TAO, you can reduce your overall cost of ownership and optimize the end-to-end assessment cycle within one secure system.

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Ensure Quality. Eliminate Bias

Engage subject matter experts in the scoring process for faster, more accurate results. Read-behind scoring workflows in TAO Grader also helps you ensure fair, quality scores by allowing you to assign users to review and challenge scores. Advanced workflow management even lets you define which scorers, subjects or percentage of scores should be reviewed.

Inside TAO Grader

Infrastructure for Scale

TAO Grader is purpose built on advanced cloud technology to allow for industrial scalability to suit both classroom and national assessment contexts.

Multi-Trait Scoring

Score individual digital assessment items on a number of different factors that influence the overall score.

Record-Time Results

Scoring results submitted from TAO Grader are immediately sent back to TAO’s reporting module to streamline the end-to-end assessment cycle.

WCAG 2.1 AA Accessible

Following WCAG 2.1 AA standards and Section 508 guidelines, TAO Grader’s rich accessibility features help you clearly focus on the scoring task at hand for a more streamlined grading process.

Rate the Rater

TAO Grader’s Rate-the-Rater feature lets score reviewers flag scorer and item pairs for quality assurance of your assessments.

Define Scoring Strategies

TAO Grader makes it easy for educators to score assessments by subject matter or other pre-defined groups, like by classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get more answers to frequently asked questions here.

TAO Grader’s assessment scoring software tightly integrates with TAO’s Enterprise suite of solutions for online assessment authoring, delivery and reporting to make end-to-end assessment more efficient and cost-effective.

Read behind scoring can be enabled in TAO to allow reviewers to double check a scorer’s marking for a particular item. Reviewers can then either confirm or override a scorer’s original response.

Our assessment scoring software supports all interaction types in TAO, including custom PCIs.

If your student records system supports LTI, student scoring data from TAO Grader can be returned as an overall assessment mark (a number between 1 & 10) in your grade book.

As soon as a student submits their test, any items marked for online manual scoring will appear in real-time within TAO Grader. Once a scorer completes grading and submits their scoring project, the data from TAO Grader is automatically sent back to TAO’s reporting system.

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