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Create a more powerful digital ecosystem with built-in interoperability between technologies and applications. With open standards at the core of TAO, you can confidently connect your assessment solution with the applications, technology and content systems you need.

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TAO Cloud Managed Services gives you time back to focus on what really matters, innovation--while reducing costs and eliminating operational headaches. You can build amazing learning engagements while we handle the technology behind the scenes.

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Gain access to training resources including elearning and user guides, our free community forum and upcoming events sponsored by the OAT team. Or, leverage private training sessions online or onsite, tailored to your needs.

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Open Source was not the only factor in the RFP process.  We liked TAO’s degree of customization and that it has a demonstrated history of success in other large-scale implementations. Those factors all contributed to our selection of TAO.
TAO was the best solution in providing a customizable assessment platform without requiring an extensive development effort. Our staff is really happy with the flexibility of TAO.

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Open source means open possibilities, so you can access and benefit from the inventions of the expert assessment community.

With open standards at its core, you can confidently connect with the applications, technologies and content systems you need.

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