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Put Your Higher Education Experience First with a Complete Assessment Solution

Created from a joint research project with the University of Luxembourg, the customizable TAO assessment platform was conceived by software experts immersed in education research and assessment.

Offering a technically advanced platform combined with a focus on simplicity of use, TAO is the one assessment platform that can support and store the full range of tests, from institutional to course-based to quizzes, fixed form to adaptive.

TAO can take an institution from paper-and-pencil to digital and makes it easy for faculty members to create and deploy their own online assessments. With its powerful item authoring, item banking modules and performance tasks, you can create scenarios and interactive assessments along with more traditional item types. Since TAO is standards-based, you can easily integrate it with your LMS, allowing it to be accessible to all your users.

TAO is Foundational

TAO can also be a foundation for traditional instruction and digital course delivery. Whether you are in the business of offering MOOCs, or in person courses, TAO can be used to house and deliver your content and assessments

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University of Alberta Relies on TAO for Its Massive Open Online Course

When the University of Alberta started offering MOOC courses to their students, they knew they would need to develop a secure online exam that would provide these students with an optimal writing experience.

They were looking for an open source software platform that could be modified for different types of assessments (e.g., low stakes vs. high stakes), so ease of custom development was essential.

They also considered the time and resources required for implementation, as program administrators must learn and operate the new software in a short amount of time. That’s where TAO came in…

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Control Your Experience

Fully Interoperable

TAO is certified compliant with industry standards (QTI, LTI) allowing you to connect assessment with digital standards-based content resources of your choosing.

Powerful and Secure

Powerful, secure and scalable delivery is a given with 24/7 access thanks to the TAO Cloud

Full QTI Item Types

Develop and deploy all QTI item types with ease, including Technology Enhanced items and scenarios.


Access and aggregate data to analyze and create reports used for faculty improvement plans and accreditation requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Because of TAO’s powerful metadata capabilities, you can define and add metadata to any of your test items. This then allows you to associate those items with specific standards for reporting purposes.

Yes. TAO’s interoperability standards make it easy to integrate the platform with your learning and student managements systems (and just about every other system you may need). We use trusted integration methods, like the IMS LTI framework, APIs and more to ensure seamless interoperability.

Many of the TAO platform’s Test-taker Tools are designed specifically for accessibility to support WCAG standards. These tools are available to aid your learners when taking assessments. They allow you to design for accessibility at either the item or test level.

Tools (also with keyboard shortcuts) include:

  • Highlighter
  • Magnifying glass
  • Zoom in/out
  • Calculator
  • Answer eliminator
  • Answer masking
  • Area masking
  • Line reader

Additionally, TAO supports accessibility by offering color-contrasting, and requiring alt text on images and closed-captioning functionality with video items. You can also leverage TAO Partner integrations, like speech-to-text, to provide further accessibility.

Yes. The platform supports test-taker answers in multiple languages. And free response text will accept multiple correct answers for a question.

Currently, TAO supports translations into over 30 different languages. Because TAO is open source, we rely on contributions from the community to help us continue to translate TAO. As a part of the TAO community, you can contribute to the translation effort here.

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