Put Access at the Forefront of the Student Testing Experience

All learners should have the opportunity to show what they know. But without access, these opportunities are stifled. By designing the TAO Advance test-runner for accessibility from the ground up, we can provide more students with equitable access to web-based testing tools that let them demonstrate and build lifelong skills.
Deliver Modern, Sophisticated AssessmentsProvide learners with a sleek user interface that eliminates distractions without compromising sophistication.
Remove Barriers in Online TestingBuilt for accessibility-first, TAO Advance offers a range of accommodation tools to better reach diverse learners across the devices and platforms they use most.
Integrate with Ease & FlexibilityTAO's certification in LTI open standards offers complete interoperability with your learning management tools while delivering an extra layer of security.
Scale Your Deliveries to New HeightsPowered by cloud flexibility, TAO Advance securely and reliably scales to support hundreds of thousands of test-takers so that you can confidently deliver your assessments risk-free, every time.

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TAO Advance seamlessly plugs into our end-to-end suite of assessment tools to provide an enhanced student experience within TAO Ignite, Pro and Enterprise.

Sleek, Sophisticated Cloud-based Assessment Delivery

See how our accessible assessment delivery engine connects with the TAO platform to elevate assessment for learners.
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