Four Ways Digital Assessment Tools Benefit Educators

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Online classes and remote and hybrid learning options become the new normal for many K12 educators. As a result, teachers have adjusted various aspects of their schedule, techniques, and tools to ensure their students stay engaged and successful in and out of the classroom. As schools look for online courses and testing systems that offer […]

Why Education Leaders are Turning to Open Source in 2021

More and more we hear that open source software is gaining traction in educational settings. If you are not completely familiar with open source, you might be asking yourself, “How can free software possibly be of any value?” or “What’s the catch?” In schools and districts, open source education software has been gaining momentum as […]

How to Eliminate Bias in Online Assessment

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In traditional learning environments, instructors may exhibit unconscious biases that, while entirely unintentional, negatively affect learning outcomes for certain groups of students. Instructors may demonstrate bias toward students based on gender, race, socioeconomic status, ability, and various other identifying characteristics. As remote learning grows in popularity, it’s tempting to assume that a lack of face-to-face […]

Why User Experience Matters in Online Testing Systems

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Remote learning tools are helping students and instructors succeed as we shift to distanced learning. However, they only work if everyone can access and use them effectively. It’s often difficult to know which testing software solutions will work best for your students or even what to look for in a digital learning tool. To create […]

Using Digital Assessment Tools to Keep Up With an Evolving Business World

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In 1999, futurist and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil proposed the “Law of Accelerating Returns,” or the argument that technological change doesn’t advance linearly, but exponentially. Every year, the rate of change increases, causing each year’s innovations to wildly outstrip the previous year’s. It’s easy to see that this prediction was an accurate one. The business landscape […]

3 Use Cases that Demonstrate the Future of Digital Assessment in Education

Whether out of necessity, preference, or a mixture of the two, digital education and assessment tools are rapidly gaining popularity across the board. In particular, digital assessment software has come into the spotlight as 2020 has left instructors teaching and testing their students in a remote learning environment. In K12 education, a student’s numerical test score, […]

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