5 Ways to Promote Student Engagement in Hybrid Learning

girl participating in hybrid learning

Even before the coronavirus flipped the education system, many K-12 students participated in some form of hybrid or blended learning, even if they weren’t fully aware. Hybrid learning models use a mix of digital and non-digital learning tools in tandem. Before the pandemic, students likely used tablets or computers in class to complete activities or […]

How To Create Personalized Assessments for Post-Pandemic Learning

boy learning with digital tools

Digital tools have had a place in education for over a decade. However, COVID-19 sparked rapid growth, adoption, and reliance on these tech-enabled learning tools in and out of the classroom, with varying degrees of success across student and teacher populations. The abrupt transition to distanced learning last March left many teachers unprepared and untrained […]

4 Ways to Maintain Engagement and Personalization in Formative Assessment

Smiling black student taking a formative assessment on campus

Educators are continually evolving course curriculum, class activities, and assessments to better align with student needs and improve learning outcomes across classes. Teachers use various assessment models to effectively adapt their coursework to their students, such as formative assessments. Formative assessments are low-stakes, qualitative tests that monitor student learning throughout a course. While these assessments typically […]

3 Ways Online Testing Software Supports Pandemic-Friendly Learning

The world of education is continuously changing, and teachers must continuously refine and adjust their tools and techniques to keep up. For example, COVID-19 left many teachers without a classroom and many of the teaching tools they relied on each day as schools were closed seemingly overnight. In response, teachers quickly developed new teaching and […]

4 Strategies for Creating Authentic Assessments

Close-up image of teenager in plaid shirt working on computer at his desk at home taking authentic assessments

As digital learning becomes more prevalent in K12 education, teachers and administrators are continually looking for tools that support their students throughout the course. When it comes to testing, educators can leverage new, responsive technology that enables them to move away from strict, quantitative exams in favor of “Authentic Assessments.” Authentic assessments allow students to […]

Four Ways Digital Assessment Tools Benefit Educators

digital assessment blog feature

Online classes and remote and hybrid learning options become the new normal for many K12 educators. As a result, teachers have adjusted various aspects of their schedule, techniques, and tools to ensure their students stay engaged and successful in and out of the classroom. As schools look for online courses and testing systems that offer […]

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