The NYC Department of Education Enhances Their Language Proficiency Exams with Technology

NYC - Department of Education

The post below is an excerpt taken from our case study with the New York City Department of Education, detailing their effort to streamline the administration of their Spanish Language Proficiency Exams and deliver them to an entire cohort of 9th to 11th grade students. Read on to learn more about their transformation, and download […]

3 eAssessment Communities for Sharing Resources & Best Practices

Discussing Internet Resources for digital assessment

The new technologies emerging in today’s education landscape undoubtedly offer immense learning benefits and opportunities for advancing global education. However, as these solutions are introduced, it’s inevitable that questions arise. As the assessment industry in particular continues to undergo a rapid digitization, leaders from educational institutions and bodies across the world are connecting with their […]

4 Ways to Improve Student Assessment Scores with Digital Testing Tools

Girl with computer for digital testing

Digital tools are reshaping the education landscape, with the last few years seeing a rapid swing towards digital testing as a favored method of assessment among educators. With schools shuttered during COVID-19, in-person testing became impossible, and teachers were forced to adopt remote testing, which brings with it its own benefits but also its own […]

Blended Learning in K12: How it Works

The future of blended learning is feature-rich and personalized, allowing a far better experience than could ever be offered in the traditional classroom setting

When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, educators around the world were forced to adopt a digital-first approach to education which – for many – was a new experience. In the early days, growing pains were common as the sector struggled to get used to teaching over video conferencing technology. Over time, however, educators […]

5 Open Standards That Simplify End-to-End Assessment

students using devices following open education standards

A driver for innovation, open standards play an important role in promoting better access to educational technology. They are the underpinning of an interoperable, plug-and-play EdTech ecosystem. When used as a building block in digital learning environments, open education standards allow institutions to centralize user access to technology, unlock data silos and share learning content […]

4 Ways to Advocate For Classroom Education Software

4 Ways to Advocate For Classroom Education Software

By now, educators and students alike are well aware of the promises of classroom technology to promote better teaching and learning outcomes. Educators are harnessing the power of gamification and tools like digital assessment software to provide more authentic and personalized learning experiences, particularly in terms of formative and adaptive assessment. At the same time, […]

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