Empowering Educators Adapting to Online Learning and Assessment

remote learning tools

Online education and assessment isn’t only the new normal for students returning to school this fall semester. This acceleration to digital learning also disrupts traditional routines for many administrators and teachers who must now navigate new technology based solutions in their day-to-day. While it’s clear to education leaders that technology will not replace the human […]

4 Tips for Video Proctoring and Student Data Retention

remote video proctoring

Monitoring test takers remotely is critical to ensuring the integrity, security and fairness of your online assessments. In today’s world climate, many institutions have no choice but to move their tests online in order to continue to safely provide educational services to their learners. Now they are turning to solutions that include student facing security […]

3 Questions Administrators Are Asking About Remote Learning

remote learning

As COVID-19 extends its reach into a new school year, administrators are once again faced with numerous challenges as to how best support students, teachers, and families with remote learning. While districts’ and universities responses to the pandemic were largely reactive at the end of the last school year, the start of 2020-2021 represents an […]

3 Remote Learning Strategies for Higher Ed

One thing about COVID-19 is clear: the pandemic has accelerated the movement toward key improvements in remote learning. As the needs and demographics of students change, higher education institutions are seeking solutions that offer additional flexibility, without sacrificing the quality of instruction, in the distance learning experience. However, not all remote learning technologies are made the same. Education leaders […]

5 Key Challenges to Remote K-12 Education

remote education

Remote education might not be business as usual, but the future scientists, medical professionals and engineers of the world still need an education — no matter where it takes place. In-classroom education may be the model that most educators are used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only acceptable way to teach students. With […]

A Crash Course in Interoperability for Distance Learning


With many school districts taking on remote or hybrid learning models in the fall, administrators, educators and parents continue to have questions: How can we effectively bring real-world skills to students online? Can distance education keep students engaged? What happens if eLearning becomes a national requirement? Luckily, there are many EdTech platforms and tools that […]

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