How Lithuania’s National Agency for Education is Accelerating Digital Transformation

student participating in remote learning and assessment

The following post is an excerpt from Part II of our case study series with Lithuania’s National Agency for Education (NSA). To learn more about how the NSA began its digital assessment implementation, please click here to read Part I, discussing how Lithuania began their initial stages of digital transformation. Founded by the Ministry of […]

5 Grants for Funding Classroom Technology

Funding Classroom Technology

In many cases, technology can advance a student’s education beyond what can be found in a textbook. Almost eight out of ten educators believe that having technology in the classroom helps them do their job better, and 25% believe that having technology readily available for students can positively impact a student’s education. As trends to […]

Key Considerations for Rolling Out Assessment Technology

key considerations for rolling out assessment technology

Digital assessment software represents an evolution in how we teach and how our students learn. Investing in an application without a rollout plan, however, can prove disastrous. Adopting a digital solution for the assessment needs of your institution requires careful forethought and groundwork, resulting in a well thought-out project plan which defines a vision for […]

Tackling Digital Equity: How will the US Infrastructure Bill Impact Students?

featured image of digital connectivity with circuit board

While government leaders have long wrestled with lessening inequities in education, since the pandemic, a special focus has been placed on ensuring digital equity for teachers and students.  The FCC’s Eighth Broadband Progress Report estimates that some 19 million Americans still lack access to broadband internet services even at minimum threshold speeds. Accounting for just […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Assessment Software

3 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Assessment Software

In most modern classrooms, Ed Tech is an integral part of the students’ experience. As more schools adopt hybrid models for education and concerns around accessibility, security, and equality come to the forefront, adopting new technology into the classroom requires more scrutiny than ever. However, with a plethora of options in the assessment software market, […]

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