Revolutionize Standardized Testing with Open-Source Software

According to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, “between 2015 and 2021, Pennsylvania will have spent nearly $100 million,” on standardized tests. And EdWeek reported that standardized testing costs states well over a billion dollars every year. While some states today are delivering a majority of tests online, the cost of testing is still much higher in the U.S. than in countries around the world.

Standardizing on open-source assessment systems not only saves states significant taxpayer dollars, it also saves time at the state, district, and school levels as administrators, teachers, and students do not have to manage multiple platforms and learn a new assessment system every time a vendor changes.

We’re sharing recommendations that show states and districts how easy it is to switch to open-source assessment. Download our recent white paper to discover the benefits of:

  •  Standardizing on one, open-source assessment delivery system
  • Standardizing on one, open-source assessment item bank
  • Joining the global open-source assessment community
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