Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Open Assessment Technologies is looking for a full stack developer with at least 6 years of experience to work on the TAO platform end-to-end. As a team player you will be responsible for the implementation of all required frontend customizations using JS (Svelte, ReactJs)/CSS/HTML(5) but also be responsible for the implementation of all required developments and customizations of our platform in Node Js or PHP.

 Duties and responsibilities

  • Designs standalone systems of moderate complexity, or major new features in existing systems
  • Determines data needs from product requirements
  • Design major new features and demonstrates while showing a nuanced understanding of browser constraints
  • Implement designs considering browser/mobile compatibility, semantics, accessibility and user experience
  • Assesses correctness and utility of existing code and avoid blind copy-pasting
  • Increases the robustness and reliability of codebases, and devotes time to polishing products and systems
  • Tests new code thoroughly, both locally, and once deployed on QA environment
  • Refactors existing code to make it more testable and match design patterns best practices
  • Implements systems that enable better testing
  • Gives thoughtful code reviews as a domain expert
  • Advices deployment patterns matching an application needs
  • Participates to the SCRUM ceremonies
  • Estimates software changes requests complexity


 Qualifications and skills

  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • At leats 6 years of experience
  • Collaborate with others with empathy
  • Take on trust and tasks proactively when blocked elsewhere
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, Svelte
  • Excellent knowledge of Node JS, React, PHP.
  • Good knowledge with VCS (Git)
  • Good knowledge with Cloud technolgies (AWS, GCP, Azure) is a +
  • Takes security by design into account for new systems
  • Able to debug and profile his code
  • Apply the software development best practices and clean code principles
  • Anticipate and share schedule deviations in plenty of time
  • Communicates effectively to close stakeholders when called upon, and incorporates constructive feedback


 Working conditions

  • Flexible working hours
  • Social benefits
  • Working for a open source learning platform
  • Access to conferences, training, certifications, etc
  • The possibility to work 100%  from home
  • Company and team events
  • International and multicultural working environment


*OAT takes privacy and confidentiality of your personal data very seriously. We will share with you our “Personal Data Privacy Policy” that clearly defines our ongoing commitment to protecting privacy rights and to explain how we collect, use and disclose the personal data relating to individuals who apply for a job and who are employed in our company.

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