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100% Open Source Assessment Software – simply download and have your internal or external teams install and customize.

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Explore the Possibilities of Open Source Assessment Technology

TAO Community Edition puts control over your digital assessment platform back in your hands. Own every unique aspect of your assessment experience, from customization to content, and collaborate on new solutions with the TAO community.

  • 100% open source and free to download
  • Prepackaged Windows installer
  • Use TAO as is, or customize it to your needs
  • Enhance TAO with your own functionality
  • Use your creations in-house, or share them with the TAO community

In-Source Your Solution

Already have your own dedicated IT environment in place? TAO Community Edition is ideal for organizations who want to host their assessment solutions in-house. Have your IT department download and install TAO or work with a 3rd party provider of your choice.

Access Innovation Through Open Source

Become a part of the TAO Community as we come together to accelerate innovation in digital assessment. The open source platform architecture allows you to access, extend and audit the source code so that you can enhance your programs with the capabilities you need. And, you’ll benefit from access to the contributions of other TAO users, working to develop better testing solutions.

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TAO Community Features and Services

Open Source

Open source brings great technology and people together through a community where innovation thrives. Leverage the creations or support of other TAO Community users across the world. And, benefit from the inherent control, cost savings and flexibility of an open source digital assessment solution.

Community Support

Access free support via the TAO Hub. Resources include our step-by-step TAO user guide, troubleshooting instructions, the TAO Community forum and more.

Modular Deployment

No matter which edition of TAO you use, you’ll have complete flexibility to choose which modules and functions to deploy.

100% Interoperable

Unlike most open source testing solutions that claim to be QTI-compliant, TAO is the only open source assessment platform built on QTI open standards from the ground up. Because of the platform’s open architecture, TAO is ready-made to integrate or sit on top of your existing solutions. You can also extend the source code to support new applications, features and enhancements.

Enhanced Choice

TAO’s open source test creation software offers you the most flexibility to choose how you want to manage you digital assessment programs. Download and run TAO out-of-the-box, or augment the platform with your own integrations and extensions. Own your solutions or share your innovations with the community. The choice is yours.

Download Community Edition 3.3

Download the TAO Community Edition 3.3 Release Candidate below or from GitHub. Don’t forget to download the release notes. Installation instructions can be found in the Administrator Guide and additional documentation can be found in our User Guide and the TAO Hub.

We’ll take care of the web server installation for you.  Click to automatically install for Windows desktop.

Set up your own web server and click to install TAO manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit the TAO Hub for more Community FAQs as well as our general FAQ page.

The TAO platform is 100% open source. So, you can download the Community Edition for free.

You can deploy the Community Edition of the platform on-premise through your own data centers. You can also use a third-party to host your platform. Whichever you choose, you’ll need to have someone with the following skills to set up your environment:

  • Software development expertise with the LAMP stack (PHP, Apache, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Web front-end development (Javascript, XML, HTML, jQuery)

If you don’t have someone with these skills readily available on your team, that’s ok! You can outsource your hosting. However, we recommend working with our team or a verified TAO Partner to ensure the best experience possible.

TAO Community Edition is ideal for any organization who wants to in-source their digital assessment solution. You’ll need to have an IT team with front and back-end web development skills, and a dedicated hosting environment in place so you can deploy the Community edition of the platform yourself.

You have the flexibility to augment and extend the TAO platform source code with your own functionality.

Although any TAO user can read the platform’s source code, that doesn’t mean they have access to your personal data.

Whether you’re deploying proprietary or open source test creation software, you should always secure your environment through both organizational and IT administrative means to prevent unauthorized access to test content, student grades, etc.

Additionally, you should implement anti-cheating measures during test delivery. There is no distinction here between proprietary or open source software.

To keep your assessments secure, TAO encrypts data via HTTPS, and provides User Identification via encrypted passwords. It also supports back-office identification based on assigned roles and access rights.

We do not offer paid support packages with Client Services support for TAO Community Edition. However, platform tutorial videos are available in our resource center and the TAO Hub for free.

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