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TAO is at the heart of today’s leading edge assessment solutions with a focus on simplicity for K-12 users

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Put the K12 Experience First with the TAO Platform

Offering a technically sophisticated platform combined with a focus on simplicity for K-12 users, TAO’s Open Source nature makes the separation of content and platform a reality. It sets you free from the constraints of proprietary assessments, increases access to your own data and allows you to fully redefine digital assessment so that it effectively meets the needs of YOUR educators and students.

  • Control Your Experience
  • Customize Your Ecosystem
  • Collaborate with Peace of Mind

The assessment platform with the most freedom to deliver every type of testing for every type of learner, built on open source by the leaders in assessment technology.

Easy. Powerful. Extensible.

The TAO Item Creator module is a powerful WYSIWYG item editor that enables you to create traditional and technology-enhanced items (TEIs). It is IMS QTI certified, ensuring complete content interoperability and investment protection.

It supports Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs) that allow you to create items with game-like experiences – potentially even Virtual Reality interactions.

Key Features


Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) Uses TAO to Ensure Consistent Implementation of Nationwide Learning Standards

When EDK began researching a solution for standardized testing, they looked first to European countries with experience in student achievement testing.

Among them, Luxembourg was one of the most advanced, having already moved on to computer-based testing. That is where they first discovered TAO as a possible Open Source solution…

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Evolve with Every Learner

Turn Key

Deploy a turn-key assessment platform to house all of your tests, from formative to diagnostic to summative.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Leverage single-sign-on scenarios (SSO), freeing up your user’s time so it can be redirected to learning.


Integrate easily with other standards-based products since TAO is interoperable and standards-compliant.

QTI-compliant Content

Gain full control of your QTI-compliant content at all times, whether it’s packaged in existing third-party assessments or created by your educators and housed in your own item bank.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule secure, and scalable deliveries according to your testing calendar.

Full QTI Item Types

Develop and deploy all QTI item types with ease, including Technology Enhanced items and scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The TAO platform allows you to add metadata to your item types. In doing so, you can tie specific questions or questions meant to measure specific skills to common standards. For example, you could tie a writing question to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.1.

You can find out more about creating metadata in TAO here.

Yes. Because it’s built on open standards, you can integrate TAO with your LMS or SMS via the IMS LTI framework. We’ve also developed trusted APIs and other integration frameworks to help you integrate the other components of your tech stack with TAO.

TAO’s Test-taker Tools (many of which are accessibility tools) are designed for WCAG standards to aid your learners when taking assessments. These allow you to design for accessibility at either the item or test level.

Tools include:

  • Highlighter
  • Magnifying glass
  • Zoom in/out
  • Calculator
  • Answer eliminator
  • Answer masking
  • Area masking
  • Line reader

TAO also provides keyboard shortcuts, color-contrasting, and requires alt-text on all images, as well as closed captioning functionality for videos to support accessibility. In addition, you can add TAO Partner integrations, like speech-to-text, onto your platform to further assist students.

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