TAO is at the heart of today’s leading-edge assessment solutions, offering a technically sophisticated platform combined with a focus on simplicity for K-12 users. TAO’s Open Source nature makes the disaggregation of content and platform a reality. It sets you free from the constraints of proprietary assessments, increases access to your own data, and allows you to fully redefine digital assessment so that it effectively meets the needs of YOUR educators and students.

TAO allows you to:

  • Deploy a turn-key assessment platform to house all of your tests, from formative to diagnostic to summative.
  • Leverage single-sign-on scenarios (SSO), freeing up your user’s time so it can be redirected to learning.
  • Integrate easily with other standards-based products since TAO is interoperable, and standards-compliant.
  • Gain full control of your QTI-compliant content at all times, whether it’s packaged in existing third-party assessments or created by your educators and housed in your own item bank.
  • Schedule secure, and scalable deliveries according to your testing calendar.
  • Fully customize your assessment ecosystem based on your unique needs.
  • Develop and deploy all QTI item types with ease, including Technology Enhanced items and scenarios.

Want to see a real life use case? Find out how the New York Department of Education leverages TAO, or sign up for a live TAO Product Demo to learn more.

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