Prepping for This Year’s ATP Innovations in Testing

Innovations in Testing is ATP’s annual conference, bringing together assessment and technology professionals from around the world. In 2012, we went to this event with just one goal in mind: introduce TAO to a North American audience, and establish ourselves as a viable alternative to the proprietary systems that became the norm during the past decade. Our mission was a big success: we probably had the most visited booth at the event, and the market definitely took notice of us.

This year we’re returning with an even bigger story, announcing partnerships with two major industry players that will lay the foundation for many good things to come:

We’re teaming up with Breakthrough Technologies (, a veteran of the assessment software development industry, to bring open source item-banking solutions to professional certification and licensure customers in the U.S. and Canada. Conference attendees will see how they can achieve their test development goals by taking advantage of TAO-based item-banking tools to create a fully customized test development system at a fraction of the usual cost.

We’re joining forces with Cito ( to connect Cito´s assessment platform Questify with TAO. When available, customers will experience a seamless solution covering the entire range of low-stakes to high-stakes assessments. This is made possible by the use of open APIs and established standards such as QTI and LTI.

So, we look forward to this exciting event, and please… check in with us in a couple of days to find out how it went.