The Importance of IMS Certification and QTI Compliance

Many people misunderstand what QTI Compliance is and what having IMS Certification means. A lot of products and vendors claim QTI compliance and even use the QTI name, but that can be misleading. Here’s the fine print: being QTI-compliant isn’t the same thing as being IMS-certified. The requirements for the latter are much more stringent.

This paper will detail the significance of IMS Certification and QTI Compliance so that you can be up to date and evaluate whether your ed tech stack meets the standards. You’ll read TAO’s own story in its journey to become the first product to obtain IMS confirmation certification for QTI in all four categories. You’ll also discover:

  • DEPP’s platform selection criteria
  • Technology Readiness and other critical steps to a smooth deployment
  • What to do with the new data collected