TAO Days June 20th 2023 “Digital Assessment: What’s Now & Next” | Day 1 | Watch Now

TAO Days, OAT’s annual end-user conference returns to tackle what’s now and next in digital assessment. Become immersed in topics like the role of AI in assessment, PISA and the digital domain, language and literacy assessment, plus hear from esteemed leaders at Duolingo, The Australian Council for Educational Research, the OECD, The New York City Department of Education, Macat International and more! Check out the session recordings from the two-day virtual event below

Day 1 | June 20th, 2023


00:00 Welcome to TAO Days

06:15 Open Source Assessment: A Year in Review

27:47 Spotlight the PISA 2025 Learning in the Digital World Assessment

01:27:08 Keynote: Test Development in the Times of AI

02:08:04 Transforming Language and Literacy Testing in New York City Schools

02:34:09 Assessing & Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

03:05:31 Breaking from Conventional Assessment Using Open Source PCIs

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