TAO is Spinning Off…

As some of you may know, TAO originated as a research project between the University of Luxembourg (http://wwwen.uni.lu) and the Research Center Henri Tudor (http://www.tudor.lu/en). As a result of the successful deployment of TAO by OECD (to conduct their large scale, international assessment projects for students and adults – PISA and PIAAC), we started getting more and more inquiries from K-12, Higher Education and also the employment sector.

Soon enough we realized that TAO had the potential for something much bigger, perhaps as big as Moodle (moodle.com). And so we started working with Tudor to spin-off TAO into a separate, independent entity. It was hard work to secure all the necessary funds, but we did it, and the team is now ready to take the plunge!

Our first step towards an independent company is pretty basic, but tremendously important nevertheless: move into our own office space!

Want to see what our new home looks like? – Come back in a couple of days for the first pictures!