Redefining Digital Assessment

Having an open environment will empower you to combine assessment and learning data from multiple sources to get actionable insights about student progress and deliver better learning outcomes. Oftentimes, however, it can be an overwhelming process to turn what you have into an open environment. What this really requires is to redefine digital assessment. This means getting down to the nitty-gritty and tearing down the data silos in your proprietary products.

This TAO Tech Series article outlines modern approaches to learning and assessment and provides an overview of TAO’s digital assessment tools that support them. It also illustrates how TAO’s compliance with IMS interoperability standards allows it to be easily integrated into a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). Included in this TAOTech Series

  • The benefits of integration of learning, assessment, and data into a single system
  • How to adapt to the constant changes in assessment
  • What you should expect in the five-phase cycle