3 Ways Effective Testing Solutions Boost Corporate Learning Outcomes

testing solutions

Corporate training has been gaining momentum for a number of years in the eLearning realm; in fact, corporations have increased eLearning usage by 900% in the past 16 years. A corporate eLearning program has clear benefits for organizations, including improved training experiences, quicker on boarding, enhanced customer service and increased profitability.

However, a crucial feature, the testing platform to measure learning outcomes, is just as important as the curriculum of the eLearning program.

The right testing solution seamlessly aligns with the desired corporate outcomes and enables professionals to achieve short-term and long-term learning goals. In addition, advanced solutions have the capability to mitigate any content, delivery or compliance issues that are typically high-stakes in corporations. A testing solution must support both the corporation and the end-user in boosting learning outcomes in a secure and flexible manner.

Once you find the right testing solution for your corporate eLearning program, your organization will experience the following benefits:

Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a pressing concern in many modern companies. When it comes to training programs, fostering engagement can be challenging. However, the right testing solution can offer a reliable way to engage employees in corporate training or professional development initiatives. The result? A better testing experience that translates into improved at-work outcomes.

Interactive testing content promotes engagement. Learner-centered content inherently involves the end user: as the learner becomes an active participant instead of a passive test-taker, he or she will want to take a hands-on approach to the training experience. For example, gamification activities – such as adding leaderboards and badges to test results – can add a fun competitive element to an otherwise uneventful training experience.

Test Reactions in Real-World Scenarios

Rich interactive learning and testing content is key to improving corporate learning outcomes. On the right testing platform, you can customize scenarios and simulations that reflect the real corporate environment. For example, the training course may include contract negotiations or health and safety scenarios that can test the learner’s ability to react and make decisions in given situations.

The benefit of actionable content is clear: a virtual training environment provides a safer way for learners to practice and enhance their skills. Ultimately, this method provides value to corporations through measurable outcomes for insight-driven decision making, while preparing professionals for successful results in real-world scenarios.

Improve Employee Skills & Develop Best Practices

Online testing solutions enable employees to master complicated subject matter and retain information quicker. The sheer amount of information you can include in a corporate training course can also be increased, while maintaining high levels of comprehension. For example, an entire employee manual can be presented in through an interactive activity that is easier to digest than reading blocks of text.

Online testing solutions also allow professionals to reflect on both the learning experience and the results. By using tools that allow learners to review test results or actions taken in a specific scenario, companies can facilitate best practices while improving existing workflows for better outcomes. As employees inform and improve their working practices, this ultimately positively reflects in the company’s bottom line.

Testing Solutions in Your Corporate Training Program

Advanced testing solutions benefit not just the learners but your entire corporation: everyone from the C-Level down can broaden their knowledge by interacting with engaging content, immersing into real-world scenarios and reflecting on the outcomes for innovation organization-wide.

However, not all testing solutions provide the benefits you want in your corporate learning program. To dive in to the data side of selecting the right solution for your organization, check out our article on building a corporate advancement program with trackable results.

If you’re interested in implementing a web-based testing application that allows for virtual, computer-based training and seamlessly fits into your existing eLearning program, speak to a TAO expert in professional development software!

testing solutions