The Japanese Ministry of Education Adopts TAO as the Platform of Choice for Digitizing Assessment Nationwide

The Japanese Ministry of Education serves over 12,000,000  students, having primarily relied on paper-based assessment to conduct their testing programs in schools at a national level.

To assist in their digitization efforts and help schools better adopt new tools, the Ministry tapped into the expertise of the Uchida Yoko Group and their subsidiary Infosign, which  identified computer-based testing (CBT) as an area of focus  to start transforming the education system in Japan.

Download the case study to find out why Japan TAO is recognized in Japan as the ideal solution for developing a standardized national testing program.

  • What unique trends and challenges catalyzed the Japanese Ministry of Education to digitize assessment?
  • How did Infosign effectively introduce TAO as a proof-of-concept for computer-based testing in Japanese schools?
  • What assessment projects has Infosign supported the Japanese Ministry of Education with, and how are they expanding the use of TAO in universities?
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