August 2023 Release Notes

We’re constantly adapting TAO to enhance functionality, improve user experience, and address specific issues. Below, you can check out the updates included in the August 2023 release.

TAO Advance

  • LTI Custom Claim Enhancement: We have made modifications to allow the autosave indicator to be configurable through the LTI custom claim.
  • Scoring Mechanism Adjustments: The processing for “total score” and “cut score” has been revised, ensuring accuracy especially for questions with an outcome declaration labeled as “human”.
  • Proctoring Display Correction: The display for item positions within TAO Proctoring has been fixed to correctly display tests containing informational items.
  • Bookmarking: An issue causing test questions to lose their “bookmarked” status post page reload has been fixed. To ensure user convenience, all bookmarks are maintained should the page refresh.
  • LTI 1.3 Integration: The capability to send results to TAO’s reporting module when deliveries are initiated through LTI 1.3 has been extended.
  • Choice Interaction: The Choice Interaction now displays with text properly aligned to its corresponding radio button.

TAO Insights

  • Delivery Results Retrieval: Users can now extract the results of a given delivery execution in the QTI XML format.


  • Audio Recording PCI: The Audio recording PCI is now available during the item authoring phase when the TAO Advance environment is active.
  • Permission Management Optimization: We’ve resolved an issue for removal actions with the ‘Recursive’ option for removal actions on folders with a large amount of distinct users set in the permissions configuration.