Monitoring and reassigning scoring projects

It is the job of the Scoring Project Manager to ensure that the scoring project reaches completion, and in order to achieve this, a system is in place which allows for scoring projects can be monitored.

The place to monitor the progress of a scoring project is in MONITORING & REASSIGNMENT. Here, you can both monitor current scoring processes, and reassign scorers if necessary. To do either of these, follow the steps below.


Here you will see a list of scorers, the date they last logged into the system, and what percentage of the items assigned to them for scoring have been completed, as shown in the image below.


2. Click on DETAILED VIEW for more details about a particular scorer.

If you want to know more about the activity of a particular scorer, click on the DETAILED VIEW button to the right of their name. This takes you to a screen where you can see when that scorer last logged in. 

3. Reassign the workload of one scorer to another scorer if necessary.

You may want to reassign tasks – for example if you see that a scorer with a significant workload has not logged in for a while, and the deadline is approaching.

You can do this by clicking on REASSIGN on the DETAILED VIEW screen of the original scorer. This takes you to a screen which lists other eligible scorers for the assignment criterion (category or group) needed. Tick the box next to the scorer you would like to reassign the work to, and click on REASSIGN again.

4. Dismiss a scorer if necessary.

You can also decide to DISMISS a particular scorer or reviewer entirely, if you need to. This is only possible if their complete workload has been reassigned to another scorer.