Navigation for scorers

When you log in to TAO Grader as a scorer, you will see the list of scoring projects in which you are enrolled.

You may have been assigned to various different scoring projects, or you may currently not be assigned to any. In the image below, the scorer is enrolled in only one. 


When you enter a particular scoring project (by clicking on the blue ENTER button on the right), you will see the list of deliveries for which you have responses to score – your Scoring tasks. (If you are enrolled as both a scorer and a reviewer for the same project, you will see a list of Scoring tasks and a list of Review tasks). The number of items (that have been assigned to you) requiring scoring for that scoring project is shown under Questions

Under Completion, information about how many (if any) of the responses relating to those items you have already marked. On the left you will see the percentage of responses already marked, and next to it there is an information bar which shows the number of responses for which you have submitted a score, the number of responses you have marked but not yet submitted the score, and the number of responses you have still to mark.


Note: One test can cover a range of subjects – for example math and biology. If this is the case, each subject may need to be marked by a different scorer: the biology questions, for example, need to be marked by a biology teacher. Scorers will see only those items which are assigned to them within a specific test – i.e. those items relevant to their subject.

If you click on the START button you will be taken to the first item of the test which needs to be scored. See the chapter Scoring responses for more information on the manual scoring of items.