User Management

 User Management is accessible by the Global Admin without any restrictions. User management can be accessed via the “Users” tile upon login, or via the top bar menu (Users).

Group managers are also allowed to create new users, but from within the Group Management screen only.

The image below shows the User Management landing page from the Global Admin view. 

Global Admin User Management view.

A Global Admin will see a table listing all TAO Portal users.

The available information is the following:

  • Name: the name assigned to user when created/updated
  • Status: the status of the user: Enabled, Disabled. A disabled user cannot log into TAO Portal.
  • Login: the user login used by the user to identify himself in TAO Portal
  • Email: an email assigned to user when created/updated
  • Roles: the list of the account roles assigned to a user when created/updated. It should be empty for test-takers since test-takers have only group roles
  • Groups: the list of groups of which the user is a member of, regardless of his role in the group (it could be empty as a user can be not enrolled to any group)

The list can be order by Name, Login, Email clicking on the header of the table

The search box on top-left of the table can be used to search users, it takes into account Name, Login, Email.