Importing a test center

Test Center metadata files can be taken from any computer and imported onto any other computer which also has access to TAO. This is done using an operation called Import.

Follow the steps below to import a test center:

1. Choose a location for your test center.

Click on Test Centers on the Assessment Builder Bar. This will take you to the Test Center Library, which you will see on the left.

Then click on the Test center class (folder) in the library in which you wish to import the new test center.

2. Import the selected test center.

Click on Import in the button bank below the library. This opens a dialog box. The supported format for the file to be imported is CSV (Comma-Separated Values). Field delimiters and field enclosers can be defined in the appropriate boxes.

Next, click the blue Browse button to find the file intended for import (alternatively, the file may be dragged and dropped into the box below the button).

Once the file is selected, click on Next. This will take you to a new screen.

To import the chosen test center, click on the blue Import button. This will import the test center’s profile into the Test Center library. The imported Test Center can then deliver TAO assessments to Test-takers.