Overview: Scoring

Test scores are determined by a student’s performance in the various Items of a Test. There are several ways to configure the scoring methods used for test items, and the resulting individual item scores can be tallied using different methods to produce the final test result. This section gives information on how to configure the scoring rules for both items and tests.

The scoring methods to be employed for specific items or tests need to be defined before they can be used in assessments. The chapters in this section describe the possibilities which are available, and tells you how to set them up. For test scoring rules, see the chapter on Scoring tests.

Test items can be scored either automatically or manually, and your choice will depend on the nature of the items in question: generally, if an item can be scored automatically, it is easiest to use this method. For items which can’t be scored automatically, TAO Grader can be used. TAO Grader is an add-on to the TAO product suite which provides manual scoring for open-ended questions. For information on the scoring rules used for items, see Scoring items automatically and Scoring items manually.