Displaying answer options

The answer options of some interactions, for example in choice-based interactions, can be presented to the test-taker in a number of different ways. This is not available for all types of interaction – the chapters describing each interaction under QTI Interaction Types and PCI Interaction Types will tell you which options are available for that particular interaction.

These options are configured in the Interaction Properties Panel on the right of your interaction:

Presenting the answer choices in list format

To present the choices as a list, select one of the options in List style, which is located below the Allowed Choices in the Interaction Properties panel.

Presenting the answer options horizontally

Answer choices can be presented either vertically or horizontally. This can be defined in the Orientation option, which is below the List style option. The default is vertical.

Shuffling the choices

Check the Shuffle choices box. This will randomize the order in which answer choices appear for each test-taker. In this manner, guessing or copying strategies is rendered useless. Where the order of items is unimportant, this is recommended.

One of the possible responses might be ‘All of the above‘, which will always need to be the last choice, and therefore needs to be pinned in this position. You can pin a response to its location in the order by clicking on the pin icon to the right of that choice.

Note: Remember that if you use this option, avoid choosing an ordinal list style, eg. A,B,C or 1,2,3.