Overview: Delivering tests

Tests are delivered to Test-takers in the form of a Delivery. This section looks at the different ways to deliver tests, as well as the various platforms on which they can be delivered.

Tests can be delivered in two ways, either by assigning them directly to groups of test-takers in your TAO environment, or by handing them over to a Test Center for delivery. Whichever method you choose, you will need to create a delivery first – in other words, you will need to convert your test into the correct format before test-takers can take it. See the chapter Creating a Delivery (in the section Preparing Test Sessions) for information on how to do this.

The chapter Delivering tests internally gives information on the steps you will need to follow to deliver tests to test-takers internally (rather than via test centers).

The chapter Delivering tests via test centers gives information on the steps you will need to follow to deliver tests via a test center. Before you can do this, the test center will need to be registered in TAO. The section on Test centers contains the information how test centers are registered and managed in TAO.

Test sessions can be proctored. This process is described in the Proctoring section.

Finally, tests can be delivered in different ways: they can be delivered on the TAO platform, but it is also possible to deliver TAO-designed tests through an LTI platform. For details on how to do this, see the section Using LTI for Assessments.