Adding Media to an item

Items and interaction can contain media, e.g. images, videos or sound files. For instructions on how to add Media (videos or sound files), refer to the Media interaction section. This section describes how to add an image to a typical text block.

1. Whenever a text block is selected in your Interaction or Item (e.g. the choices in a choice interaction) a tool bar appears in the grey bar above the item.

You can insert either images image or other media media by clicking on the appropriate icon. This tutorial focuses on inserting an image, but the workflow for other media is almost identical.

2. Click on the image icon.

This opens a window which provides access to the Resource Manager, and consists of three panels. As with the main window, the left panel is a Library: the Resource Library. The middle panel shows the list of pictures which are available within the highlighted Class in the resource library. The right panel provides a preview and properties. If your picture is already in the resource library, click on that picture and skip to Step 4. If it is not, then carry out Step 3.

3. To add a new image from your desktop, click the blue Add file(s) button. Then, click the blue Browse… button.

You can now navigate your computer system to select the image you wish to upload into your TAO system. Once selected, click on the green Upload button. When it has been uploaded, a preview image of the graphic will appear. You can select any .jpg, .gif, or .png graphic file to upload and display.

Adding Media to your Item
Adding Media to your Item

4. Click the green Select button.

This uploads your image into the text block. If you begin typing without hitting return, the text will center vertically. If your text extends beyond the first line, however, it will wrap underneath the image. If the image is followed by a longer text, it is best to click on return on your keyboard at least once before starting to type.