Exporting Test-takers

Test-taker profiles may be assembled on almost any computer that has access to TAO. However, there may be situations in which sharing test-taker profiles is useful. For instance, a test-taker who has successfully passed a prerequisite course may now enroll in a more advanced study with a different teacher. Test-taker profiles can be shared in a few easy steps.

1. Click on the Test-taker icon on the Assessment Builder Bar.

2. Click on either the Test-taker folder (class) you want to export in the Test-taker Library on the left-hand side, OR click on New class in the button bank below the library to create a new folder for the test-takers you would like to export.

Creating a new class (i.e. a new folder) allows you to place test-takers in a distinct location in order to be transferred from one computer to another (for organized groups of students, review how to export groups). When doing this, the test-taker class can be renamed in the Edit class test-taker dialog box in the field marked Label. Clicking the blue Save button will create the class.

Note: An individual test-taker can be exported without creating a new class to transfer it to. It may be helpful, however, to organize the entire export from a single folder.

3. If you have created a new class for this purpose, move the test-takers which you want to transfer to this new class in the test-taker library.

This selects the test-takers which are to be exported.

4. Select the class, then click Export in the button bank below the library.

The folder or test-taker metadata file which is to be exported should be formatted as a Resource Description Framework (RDF) file.

Exporting Test-takers
Exporting Test-takers

5. Click the blue Export button in the dialog box to continue with the export.

6. Select the location to which you want to export your test-taker file, and then click Save.

The test-taker metadata can then be transferred either to a data storage device or a computer network. The next step in the transfer is to import the test-takers onto the desired computer.