Test-takers can elect to use the text-to-speech functionality for a Test.

The text-to-speech functionality allows you to hear the test questions, or parts of them, read aloud.

Note: This functionality is only available in the Premium/Ignite Edition (or higher) of TAO.

To activate this functionality, click on the headphones icon which appears at the bottom of the screen after beginning the test.

Four icons, representing four options, will appear:

Hand over button: By clicking on this and then on a specific question in the test, that question will be read aloud. The current word being read out will be highlighted.

Play button: The questions on the current page of the test will be read aloud if you press the play button. The current word being read out will be highlighted.

Stop button: This button halts the recording.

Settings (interlocking cogs): You can control the speed at which the question, or text, is read here.