Overview: Taking tests

This section addresses Test-takers taking tests in TAO. It provides useful information to guide you through the process of taking a test.

Each of the following is described in its own chapter of the Guide. The Test Navigation chapter gives information on how to navigate through a test using the buttons which appear on the bottom right of the screen. The Progress Information chapter gives basic information about your progress in the test, such as how much time you have left. Keyboard Shortcuts gives a list of shortcuts available to you as a test-taker.

There are a number of aids available which are designed to facilitate the Test-taker in various ways when taking tests. These are activated at the discrepancy of the test author, and are therefore not automatically available in all tests. They are described in the following chapters of the guide:

  • Review Panel (here, you can see, for example, how many questions you have answered)
  • Visual Aids (this chapter contains aids such as a magnifying glass and a highlighter)
  • Text-to-Speech (this chapter describes how to hear the test question read aloud)
  • Using Calculators (this chapter provides information on the different calculators available)