Overview: Test centers

Test Centers deliver the assessments assembled in TAO to Test-takers. They are typically institutions in the education sector. This section provides an overview of the role test centers play in the TAO environment, as well as how to manage your test centers.

Note: The Test Center Manager comes as part of the Premium/Ignite Edition of TAO (or higher versions). If you are using the Community Edition you will need to install the extension taoTestCenter. See the Extensions Manager section of the User Guide for how to install this.

1. The role of test centers

Test centers assign Deliveries to Groups of test-takers. Before a test center can assign a specific delivery to test-takers, the delivery first needs to be released to that test center.

See the section Licensing a delivery to a test center for details on this.

2. Managing test centers

Each test center needs to be registered in TAO. Typically, the Global Manager would set up the test center structure, and create the users with the appropriate roles.

For more information on how to add a test center, and which users and their associated roles are needed, see the section Creating a new test center. To import a test center, see Importing a test center.

For information on how to remove an existing test center from your test center library, see Removing a test center.