Word processing options

A Text Editing Toolbar is available to the Item Author. This contains various tools for use when creating new Interactions and only appears when authoring a new Item.

The toolbar will appear below the Action Bar once you have created a blank item, clicked on Authoring, and then dragged and dropped the interaction template of your choice from the Interactions Library on the left onto the Canvas in the middle. Note: See the chapter Creating a test item for details on how to create an item.

The toolbar contains two types of aids:

Style Features:

The icons towards the left of the bar can be used to make the text of the item appear in bold or italics, or to underline it. You can also include the text as a subscript or a superscript here.

Towards the right of the bar there are formatting options, which govern both text alignment and offer display possibilities, such as lists. These are available only at the level of the item (not at interaction level).

Feature Insertion:

Using the icons in the middle, you can insert a special character, a shared stimulus, a math expression or formula (using the Formula editor, an image or other type of media, a table, a tooltip, or a link into your question.

Most of these functions work in the same way as in a typical text editor. The tooltip can be used to add explanations for the Test-taker about specific text fragments of the Test.