Overview: Portable Custom Interactions

Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs) are Interactions which are developed for a specific scenario, generally to fulfill a particular need of a customer, hence are not classical QTI interactions. PCIs represent a best practice for defining and packaging custom interactions. Unlike classical Custom Interactions, they interact with the test runner (standardized APIs), allowing them to be ported from one system to another.

The following five types of PCI are part of the standard TAO package: Audio, Likert, Liquid, Math Entry and Text Reader. The others (Fractions, Graphing Function, Graphing Line & Point Function, Graphing Number Line, Point Graph, and Graphing Zoom Number Line) require the installation of a separate extension.

The Portable Custom Interactions library is under the Graphic Interactions library on the left:

PCI Interactions

See the separate chapters in this section on each of the PCI interactions for information on how to use each one.

To create any of these types of interaction, once you have created a new Item, click on the Custom Interactions library and drag the appropriate interaction type onto the blank Item, drop it onto the canvas, and then populate the Item.