April 2024 Release

We are delighted to present our latest updates and enhancements in the TAO April 2024 Release. Dive into the improvements designed to enrich your assessment experience:

TAO Advance Updates & Fixes


  • New Accommodation Tools: We have enhanced accessibility by expanding our tools to enable contrast themes, pointer color and size, zoom, text font, spacing, and read-aloud options directly in the session configuration. These options are designed to accommodate diverse learner needs and preferences, ensuring a more accessible testing environment.

  • Enhanced Read-Aloud Tool: The toolbar now includes settings that allow you to change the voice (male or female) and control the reading speed, making the tool more flexible and user-friendly.

Fixes & Improvements:

  • We’ve resolved an issue where the focus was lost from the ‘Bookmark’ button when selected using ‘Enter’ or ‘Space’.

  • We’ve fixed a discrepancy where Arabic font displayed differently on iPads, causing overlapping and misplaced text from interactions.

TAO Insights Updates


  • Student Reports: Enhancements to student reports now allow learners to not only review their tests ,but also interact with detailed reports that show total scores, time spent, and performance per question. This feature aims to provide students with greater insights into their learning progress.

TAO Portal Updates

Fixes & Improvements:

  • We’ve fixed multiple issues in CSV results, including incorrect response correctness indications and missing test-taker names.

  • We’ve resolved issues with session and group management functionalities affecting Group Creators/Managers and test-takers.

TAO Overall Updates

  • LMS Integration with Canvas Across All TAO Components: We’ve simplified the user experience by allowing you to manage deliveries, authoring, session monitoring, and grading all through LMS integration. This means no multiple logins are needed—everything can be accessed with a single LMS user profile throughout the assessment lifecycle.

  • More Languages Available: We’re excited to announce that select TAO components are now available in Portuguese, Spanish, and Valencian.

TAO Authoring Updates & Fixes

  • We’ve added a vertical line between columns in item authoring for better clarity.

  • We’ve fixed inconsistencies in the import of QTI packages with varying URL schemas.

  • We’ve resolved issues with Graphic Associate pair creation and styling in Gap Match activities to ensure a smoother authoring experience.