February 2024 Release

We’re excited to share with you all the new features and improvements we’ve packed into our TAO February 2024 Release! Let’s dive into what’s new and improved:

TAO Portal Updates & Fixes:

  • User Importing Made Easier: When you’re importing users via CSV, we’ve now set a default time zone at the customer level. This means no more unexpected behaviors on the UI due to missing time zone information.

  • Accessibility Enhancements: For our friends using assistive technologies, navigating the TAO portal with a keyboard and screen reader has gotten much smoother, making it easier for you to complete your tasks.

  • No More “Invalid Date” Confusion: We’ve fixed an issue where “Invalid date” would appear in the “Finished at” column of “Finished sessions” if a test expired before being started or completed by the test-taker.

  • Accurate Item Status: Test-takers who skip items will now see those items correctly marked as “skipped” rather than “incorrect” in their test results.

  • Smoother User Creation: Admins creating a user with a login name that already exists will receive a friendly error message.

TAO Advance Updates & Fixes:

  • Improved Autoresume Feature: We’ve fixed the “Autoresume” feature that was pausing a delivery execution when a test-taker tried to add a file to the File Upload interaction with the Force Fullscreen plugin activated.

  • Improved Support for Foreign Scripts: We’ve addressed the challenges associated with using characters from foreign scripts due to the “Prevent copy-paste” feature. Previously, certain characters, such as those needed for exams in Hindi, could not be entered. This issue has been resolved, ensuring that characters like ए and क can now be typed without issue when “Prevent copy-paste” is enabled.