Licensing a delivery to a test center

In order to deliver a Test – in other words, to enable Test-takers to sit the test – it is usually referred to a Test Center in the form of a Delivery.

It is the task of the Global Manager to refer deliveries to the appropriate test centers.

Follow the steps below to enable a test center to assign a delivery:

1. Select the test center which is to assign the delivery.

Click on the Test Centers icon in the Assessment Builder Bar. This opens the Test Centers page, with the Library of test centers on the left.

The last test center to be edited (either by you or a previous user) will be highlighted in the library.

Next, select from the library the test center you wish to assign the delivery to a group of test-takers.

2. Add your delivery to their list of eligible deliveries.

At the bottom of the canvas which appears is a list of Eligible Deliveries. In the list are the deliveries which a test center is licensed to deliver.

Now, click on Add to add a delivery from your delivery library to their Eligible Deliveries, or click on Import to import a delivery from another computer.

3. Adjust the settings for your delivery.

Under Actions, to the right of the delivery you have just added, are the settings for that delivery.

Edit: Here, you can edit the list of test-takers eligible to take this test. Only the global manager is authorized to do this.

Clicking on Edit will bring up a list of all test-takers registered in the relevant TAO installation. The test-takers eligible for this test will have a tick in the box next to their name. This list can be edited.

Proctor/Un-Proctor: You can toggle between these two settings. The default setting is Proctor. Click on Un-Proctor to disable proctoring, or Proctor to enable the delivery to be proctored.

Proctoring can also be set when a new delivery is assembled: see the section Create a new Delivery for details.

See the section on Proctoring for more information on the role of proctors, and what a proctor is authorized to do.

Remove: Clicking on Remove will remove this delivery from the list of eligible deliveries of that test center.

Licensing a Delivery to a Test Center
Licensing a Delivery to a Test Center