Modifying the scoring method

By default, a test-taker receives one point per completely correct interaction. You may wish to award partial credit for partially correct answers. This is not available for all types of interaction – the sections describing each interaction under QTI Interaction Types and PCI Interaction Types will tell you if this is possible for that particular interaction.

The scoring method is configured in the Response Properties Panel on the right of your interaction.

Some types of interaction require more than one response (for example Inline choice, Associate, or Hottext interactions). In these cases, according to the scoring method which is applied by default, the test-taker has to select all the correct choices in order for the answer to be considered correct. You may want to modify the scoring method if, for example, you want the test-taker to receive partial credit for selecting some, but not all, of the correct choices.

There is also the option of configuring the scoring method to award a higher weight to some of the choices than to others – in other words, to award more points for some responses.

See Scoring items automatically for more information on how to do this.