Managing tests and test materials: An overview

Test materials, once created or imported into TAO, can be re-used in new test Items and when putting new Tests together.

This section tells you what you can do with your existing items and tests, as well as how to manage other resources which serve as supporting materials, such as media, so that they can be re-used.

The Media Manager is the area of the TAO platform where you can store and access media files, such as images, and video and audio files. It is described in detail in the chapter Managing Media.

Both existing items and tests can be imported and exported to and from other devices, for re-use in new tests and new test deliveries. See the chapters Importing Items and Exporting Items, and Importing a Test and Exporting a Test for more information.

On the same device, both items and tests can be moved, copied or duplicated. See the chapters Moving, copying and duplicating Items and Moving, copying and duplicating Tests for more information.