Linking TAO to TAO Grader

When automatic scoring for the relevant items is complete, TAO hands over the remaining items to TAO Grader to be scored. The two platforms are fully integrated, so there is no need to extract the responses which need manual scoring from the CSV file of the results of a TAO delivery: this all takes place automatically.

Items are scored on the fly: when the test-taker has finished a test, the responses in need of manual scoring are sent to TAO Grader, where scoring can begin immediately. Once the scores have been submitted by the manual scorers for all the responses of a particular test session (i.e. a delivery execution), they are returned to TAO, where they can be processed further and then displayed on the TAO Results page for that delivery.

See the chapter Scoring items manually in the section on Scoring (under Processing Completed Tests) for information on how to configure items in TAO so that they can be processed in the manual scoring environment.