Inserting a passage (or shared stimulus)

A stimulus is a piece of information, usually in text form, which sets the context for a question or a series of questions. A Shared Stimulus is one that is shared between multiple Items.

Note: In most versions of TAO, the term “shared stimulus” has been replaced by the term “passage”.

Below is a template for a shared stimulus in the form of an empty XML file, which you can use to author a new shared stimulus (outside of TAO):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<div xmlns="" xmlns:xi="" xmlns:xsi="" class="stimulus_content" xsi:schemaLocation="">

<p>Text here...</p>


To create a shared stimulus with a media file, reference the media file using its relative location and include it in a zip file together with the XML file, then import the zip file.