Editing Existing Groups

You can edit existing groups by clicking the Action button () in the row of the user that you want to update.

A menu will be presented with the available actions:

  • Edit
  • Activate/Deactivate

The Activate or Deactivate actions are shown accordingly to the current status of the user and allows switching the group’s status.

The Edit action will open a page similar to the one used to create new Groups, but prefilled with available data of the session I am updating.

Any information can be updated.

IMPORTANT Changing the list of enrolled users and/or their roles could have an impact on the behaviour of TAO Portal and should be considered carefully.

Removing a test-taker enrollment will have a different impact depending on whether the test-taker has already taken the session or not:

  • if the test was completed, then the test-taker’s results will remain an integral part of the session’s listings and reports 
  • if the test was not started, then the test-taker will be removed from the session’s roster